auditioning and making do

What on earth is this?

I’ve much to say on the auditioning process, but I wanted to pop into the blog to share this moment from the trenches…Anyone know what this picture is? It’s a breast pad, probably used, with face powder on it. Why, you may ask, am I sharing a picture of a used breast pad with face powder on it? Because sometime the life of the mama actor looks like a used breast pad with face powder on it. I have been auditioning a lot in 2015, and somewhere along the line I lost my powder pouf. I tore my purse up looking for it. It’s probably under the passenger seat of my car wedged under an unreturned library book, and soaking up sour milk from a leaky sippy cup. I’m sure I’ll find it one of these days, but in the meantime… no one wants to have a shiny face in an audition, so we just make do, don’t we. And this is what my making do looked like last week. How are you making do, lovely mama?