The Conscious Working Mama Circle: An Interview

Conscious Working Mama

Sarah Gibbons, mom of three boys and fearless leader of the Conscious Working Mama Circle.

I recently joined the Conscious Working Mama Circle, a project of working mama-of-three Sarah Gibbons, after listening to a webinar that she did called Goodbye Guilt. I really resonated with her voice, her tools, and her approach that honors the inner and outer work of balancing work with parenting in order to live fully and authentically. The motto of the circle is “find your tribe”, which is the essential call to action of this blog. I had the opportunity to talk with Sarah about how her program could benefit actor mamas, with the specific challenges inherent to our profession and lifestyle.

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Are we all narcissists, or is it just me?

The hilarious, narcissistic chickens of Doug Savage.

The narcissistic chickens of Doug Savage.

Confession #1: I subscribe to goop.


As in Gwyneth Paltrow’s email newsletter thingy. Yes, the collaborations are often laughable (thanks, GP, but I’m not spending $795 on a jumpsuit), but the interviews are quite good. She recently interviewed Dr. Robin Berman in an article entitled The Legacy of a Narcissistic Parent, which brings me to…


Confession #2: I might be a narcissist.

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The Mama Actor’s Guide to Mixing Baby and Work


“for women in the workplace it’s death by a thousand cuts–and sometimes it’s other women holding the knives.” -Katharine Zaleski

I recently booked a gig on Rashida Jones’ new show, Angie Tribeca. As usual with television, it all happened incredibly fast. I auditioned on a Tuesday, got the call from my agent on Wednesday and shot the job on Thursday. Whew! This type of fast turnaround can wreak havoc on any mom’s sanity who does not have a deep bench of babysitters on speed dial. Day care for the Tuesday audition worked out, but on Wednesday, wardrobe called and asked if I could be there for a fitting in two hours—eek! It was not required for the gig, but being the people pleaser that I am, I felt the pull to say yes.

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the magic formula for booking (not)

I’m obsessed with rolls right now. Not the carbalicious bread form, but the skin roll, specifically the rolls on my baby’s legs. I just cannot get enough of the rolls of fat on my baby’s round little body. I mean look at that…

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