Coming January 2015!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for awhile now, and I am working hard these last few days of 2014 to launch in January! I’m super excited!


One day in early 2013, I read an interview in the LA Times with director Naomi Foner (who just directed her first feature and is also the mom of… Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal), who said, “I don’t know any woman who isn’t constantly fighting between the exquisite selfishness required to be an artist and this exquisite selflessness required to be a parent.” Her comment resonated with me deeply, in that singular way that happens when someone puts language to a previously unarticulated experience. I wondered where were these women she was referring to? I wanted to meet them, commiserate with them, cry on their shoulders. I hope for this blog to serve as a call to arms, my attempt at gathering these artist mamas together for a circle up, a huddle, a tea party so we can love on each other, sustain each other, and help one another mediate a win-win in the often intimate battle between our selfishness and our selflessness, our artist and our mama. Basically, I want more mothers to be able to sustain their creative professional lives, and I want them happier while they’re doing it.