[From the Trenches] Linda Lowy has an elevator y’all!!


A few months ago I had to take my children to Linda Lowy’s office. I dreaded it–all 10 of my back up child care goddesses were busy, so I sucked it up and packed the stroller, the diaper bag and a ton of snacks.


Even though there are two separate waiting rooms, the office is reeeeaaaal quiet. And my children are, well, not. The toddler kept repeating, “hi” to a poor guy actor was just trying to focus on his work before going into the audition room.


Luckily, fellow mama actor and Mother in Hollywood podcaster, Heather Brooker, had an appointment with Linda that day too, and she came early to entertain the toddler with Snapchat filters. Thank you, friend!


But the most important thing I discovered that day, is that Linda Lowy’s office has an elevator!


Linda Lowy stairs


If you’ve been To Lowy/Brace before, you are familiar with that super daunting set of open stairs. But right underneath, past where that bike is, there is an elevator!


Here is a close-up of the paper on the post:


Linda Lowy elevator sign


So for all you brave or desperate mamas who may someday find yourself heading to Linda Lowy’s with your babies, at least now you know you won’t have to backward-drag your stroller up that crazy staircase. Break a leg!


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