Interview: Kristine Oller on Mastermind Groups for Mama Actors



If there’s one thing all parents can agree on, it’s that becoming a parent changes your life. For some, this change is easy, and for others of us, not so much.


Enter Kristine Oller, who has the best job title ever–Change Strategist. Kristine works with creative professionals (she was an actor for 10 years herself) to guide them through the process of change. I’ve followed Kristine’s work for years and when I found out she was starting a Mastermind Group designed specifically for actor parents, I had to find out more.


Listen to this fabulous, 20-minute interview with Kristine, in which she shares her perspective on how a mastermind group can ground your life through a period of intense change (such as: becoming a parent and sustaining your career).



Here are some of my favorite quotes from the interview:


Kristine Oller quote 1






You can learn more about the parent mastermind group and Kristine’s work here. She has an entire section of her website called FREE, where you can get a taste of her content and style. Check it out, mamas!