7 reasons why every mama actor needs a babysitting co-op

Every mama actor needs a babysitting co-op

Betcha one of these moms has a babysitting co-op. Either that or a million dollars.

Finding last-minute child care can be the hardest thing about the audition process. I know one mama who quit acting because the last minute nature of auditions was killing her. She simply decided it wasn’t worth it.


I recently reached a breaking point with this in my own life. Finding last-minute sitters was wreaking havoc on my sanity and my work, not to mention busting our budget.


One Friday night at the end of a particularly busy week in which I burned through my entire monthly child care budget in five days, my husband suggested setting up “some kind of babysitting trade thing”. 24 hours later I had a babysitting co-op. Mamas, it has changed my life.


Here are 7 reasons why every mama actor needs a babysitting co-op…


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[From the Trenches] Anatomy of a Great Day

Much has been said about work/life balance, but what on earth does that look like for a mama actor on a daily basis? As a mom and artist, my days vary a lot. I’m lucky enough to be a full-time actor/mom, which means I don’t need to have a non-acting day job in order for my family to survive. Some days are all mom, some days are all actor, most days are somewhere in between.

Here is what my Tuesday looked like in all of it’s messy, balanced(ish) glory:

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Daily Double (Standard, that is)

The Mama Actor on Double Standards

Double Standard: when a situation is desirable for one group but deplorable for another.

I was at a commercial callback yesterday, and the guy I was partnered with brought his adorable four month-old baby. This dad was awesomely devoted to his little nugget, and while we were waiting we bonded over sleep and poop (too little of the former, too much of the latter). A few minutes later another actress offered to watch the baby for him while he was in the room and said, “Is it terrible that I think it’s so cute when a dad brings his baby to an audition but when a mom does…well, not as much?”

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