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7 reasons why every mama actor needs a babysitting co-op

Every mama actor needs a babysitting co-op

Betcha one of these moms has a babysitting co-op. Either that or a million dollars.

Finding last-minute child care can be the hardest thing about the audition process. I know one mama who quit acting because the last minute nature of auditions was killing her. She simply decided it wasn’t worth it.


I recently reached a breaking point with this in my own life. Finding last-minute sitters was wreaking havoc on my sanity and my work, not to mention busting our budget.


One Friday night at the end of a particularly busy week in which I burned through my entire monthly child care budget in five days, my husband suggested setting up “some kind of babysitting trade thing”. 24 hours later I had a babysitting co-op. Mamas, it has changed my life.


Here are 7 reasons why every mama actor needs a babysitting co-op…


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[From the Trenches] Anatomy of a Great Day

Much has been said about work/life balance, but what on earth does that look like for a mama actor on a daily basis? As a mom and artist, my days vary a lot. I’m lucky enough to be a full-time actor/mom, which means I don’t need to have a non-acting day job in order for my family to survive. Some days are all mom, some days are all actor, most days are somewhere in between.

Here is what my Tuesday looked like in all of it’s messy, balanced(ish) glory:

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Daily Double (Standard, that is)

The Mama Actor on Double Standards

Double Standard: when a situation is desirable for one group but deplorable for another.

I was at a commercial callback yesterday, and the guy I was partnered with brought his adorable four month-old baby. This dad was awesomely devoted to his little nugget, and while we were waiting we bonded over sleep and poop (too little of the former, too much of the latter). A few minutes later another actress offered to watch the baby for him while he was in the room and said, “Is it terrible that I think it’s so cute when a dad brings his baby to an audition but when a mom does…well, not as much?”

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Social media for the mama actor

with Dallas Travers-3

Dallas shares her thoughts on the social media challenges unique to actor mamas.

As actors, it is increasingly part of our job to share our lives and our work with friends and fans on social media in an authentic and genuine way. Many actor mamas (myself included) struggle with navigating social media in a conscious way that balances the desire to connect and engage with the desire to protect their children and their privacy.


Enter Dallas Travers. Dallas is a creative career coach for actors, and quite frankly, she’s amazing. I’m so impressed by the poise and authenticity she brings to her work of helping actors find clarity and courage to take ownership of their careers. I had the opportunity to sit down with Dallas, who is a new mom herself, to explore some of the social media challenges that are specific to the mama actor experience. Here’s the cliff notes from our convo:

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[TMA Recommends] Meditation for the mama actor


The thing about meditation is, you become more and more you. –David Lynch

The benefits of meditation are so well documented by now that you’d have to be living under a rock to say you’ve never thought about trying it out, but sometimes it just feels like one more thing you should be doing. And then you feel inadequate and totally non-zen, and like if you could just get it together to meditate for 5 minutes a day your life would completely change. Right?

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The Conscious Working Mama Circle: An Interview

Conscious Working Mama

Sarah Gibbons, mom of three boys and fearless leader of the Conscious Working Mama Circle.

I recently joined the Conscious Working Mama Circle, a project of working mama-of-three Sarah Gibbons, after listening to a webinar that she did called Goodbye Guilt. I really resonated with her voice, her tools, and her approach that honors the inner and outer work of balancing work with parenting in order to live fully and authentically. The motto of the circle is “find your tribe”, which is the essential call to action of this blog. I had the opportunity to talk with Sarah about how her program could benefit actor mamas, with the specific challenges inherent to our profession and lifestyle.

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