The Conscious Working Mama Circle: An Interview

Conscious Working Mama

Sarah Gibbons, mom of three boys and fearless leader of the Conscious Working Mama Circle.

I recently joined the Conscious Working Mama Circle, a project of working mama-of-three Sarah Gibbons, after listening to a webinar that she did called Goodbye Guilt. I really resonated with her voice, her tools, and her approach that honors the inner and outer work of balancing work with parenting in order to live fully and authentically. The motto of the circle is “find your tribe”, which is the essential call to action of this blog. I had the opportunity to talk with Sarah about how her program could benefit actor mamas, with the specific challenges inherent to our profession and lifestyle.

Sarah! Can you give us an overview of the Conscious Working Mama Circle? What is it and how did it come into being?

The mission of CWM Circle is to shift the archetype of the working mom, to a conscious working mama, where she can show up in the wholeness of who she is unapologetically. In my experience, I was struggling to find a mentor who truly got me and my challenges as a mom doing it all. I was craving a different way of ‘being’ in the world, yet still believed I could have it all wtihout the sacrifice.  

CWM Circle is an extension of Conscious Working Mama, a coaching practice I founded to help working moms expand their consciousness and live their life putting their best version of themselves forward. It is designed for the working mama who feels like she only has 5 minutes a day to invest in herself. A cliff notes kind of girl. She’s wants to experience life more engaged and fulfilled, balance her career and motherhood, and maintain her authentic, self identity all at the same time. She simply doesn’t have time to read every book and blog post to try and figure it out.  She wants her info boiled down in a seamless, organized fashion that is personable, succinct and easy to implement into her daily routine.


What does being a member of the CWM Circle look like? 

As a member of the circle, the CWM mama will be a part of a global community and will receive tangible tools to expand her consciousness and create the shifts she has been desiring. Specifically, the Circle membership includes:

  • Access to a library of video trainings. These videos are less then 10 minutes long, and include slides for the visual learner. Each video will focused on a tool that will support important themes such as self-trust, flexibility and flow. It breaks down the tool in a 5 step process, providing a tangible way to integrate the tool into their daily routine (ex of a tool is ‘How to slow down and set boundaries’ or ‘How to manage your expectations’)

  • CWM Tool Card. Wallet size downloadable tool card that features specific tool and it’s 5 steps, allowing you to tuck it into your wallet

  • Reminder wallpaper. Each tool will have a corresponding downloadable wallpaper with the 5 steps on it, so if there’s a tool that you really fancy and want to be reminded of it daily- this makes it easy

  • 1 hour of Group spotlight coaching with me. Excellent way to receive coaching and learn from moms who are facing similar issues. You can volunteer to be coached live on the call or email in questions.


For most mama actors, as for many entrepreneurs I would imagine, the word “working” is a laden and often hard-to-nail-down descriptor. How would this circle benefit moms with the unique emotional and logistical challenges inherent in pursuing an acting career?


Yes! I really hear you and absolutely acknowledge that the schedules and lifestyle are different for project based mamas vs employment based mamas. However, the tool set required to put forward the best version of yourself and experience life engaged and awake are the same.


For example, here are the titles of a few of the tools that we launched within the circle this week: ‘How to make friends w/ the inner critic’ and ‘How to set intentions.’ Both of these tools come in handy for the actor moms who are dealing with rejection/approval and less structured days, yet still carry the same desire to experience as much joy, fulfillment and prosperity as other working mamas. These tools assist all working moms in learning how to trust and honor themselves (actually set boundaries), and establish a new way of being that allows them to receive more joy, without having to ‘do’ more.


Where can mamas go to learn more about your work, and to join the circle if they feel like they’d like that kind of support?


They can read all about Conscious Working Mama and my bio on They can read all the juicy details about the circle and join by going here:


I am so looking forward to getting started in the Conscious Working Mama Circle, I look forward to seeing some of my actor mamas there!