the magic formula for booking (not)

I’m obsessed with rolls right now. Not the carbalicious bread form, but the skin roll, specifically the rolls on my baby’s legs. I just cannot get enough of the rolls of fat on my baby’s round little body. I mean look at that…


…so scrumptious!!

This got me thinking about bodies, the magnificent range of human bodies. Our bodies are so gorgeous, but many people, specifically women, specially post-partum moms, specifically, well, me, don’t always remember that.

My first day back from maternity leave last August I booked a gig on Major Crimes. I was thrilled not only because of the fantastic ensemble of actors that populate the show, but because I was secretly afraid that no one would hire me until I lost my baby weight. That’s right, in my sleep-deprived, hormonally-altered mental state, the magic formula for booking was to lose the baby weight. What?!? For the record, I don’t believe there is a magic formula for booking work, but if there were, I can pretty much guarantee that worrying about losing the baby weight would not be part of it. Bestowing upon me this gig six weeks after giving birth was the universe’s way of showing me the craziness of the rabbit hole I was dangerously close to getting lost in (it really was bestowed–it was a direct booking, which means I did not have to audition). For that, I am so grateful. What rabbit holes populate your landscape, mama actor? And how are you allowing the universe to gently guide you away from them? I’d love to know.



PS. If you need more evidence of the gorgeousness of humans, check out the book The Beauty of Different, by photographer, blogger and fellow mama Karen Walrond. Her blog called Chookoloonks, is also filled with her light-filled images and lovely message.