[TMA Recommends] WeRehearse Video Chat for Actors

TMA Recommends is a series about sharing stuff. The best stuff. The kind of stuff that helps make my life as a working mama actor not just do-able but delightful. They’re not reviews or critiques, because why would I waste space talking about stuff I don’t like. I only recommend stuff that I use and love, and unless I explicitly mention it, I’m not compensated for my opinions in any way.


Why did no one think of this before?

I recently discovered a new online service for actors called We Rehearse. It’s one of those things that’s so brilliant you wonder, “why did no one think of this earlier?”

We Rehearse allows actors to rehearse material with another actor in a video chatroom that is secure and free of the glitchiness of Skype. It also allows actors to eventually earn extra money by rehearsing and coaching their peers.

I think this is a game changer for mama actors. I’ve heard from many of you who lament finding the time to work on your craft. When daycare adds an extra cost to everything, sometimes anything except auditioning gets put on the back burner. Now, you can cozy up at your desk with your baby monitor next to you and practice with another actor!


The possibilities are endless!

You can go online and find a reader instantaneously, or you can set up an appointment to rehearse with someone in the future. As a busy mama actor with a somewhat unpredictable schedule (will she nap at 11 or 11:30?), the immediate accessibility of a reader is phenomenally convenient.

Here are a few things I can already think of that I want to use WeRehearse for:

  • Cold reading practice
  • Working on a dialect (you may even be able to find a native speaker)
  • Reading a play
  • Finding another actor and making a weekly standing work out date
  • Running lines for a play to get off book for rehearsal
  • Prepping for an audition with a scene that is straightforward.


A note on my own audition preparation: I do have a coach that I work with when the audition material is longer, more complex, or I just need the ideas and feedback of someone who I trust. My coach knows my work very well, and working with him helps me be able to walk into the audition room feeling like a rock solid champion in terms of scene prep. When I have an audition that I feel like I can prep on my own, WeRehearse is my go-to.


There is literally no downside to WeRehearse. Well, except I had to install Chrome, but I think Safari compatibility is coming soon.


Have you used WeRehearse? How has your experience been? If not, sign up for a free account, and then hop on back over here and tell me what you’re excited to use it for!